EU level unions and employers meet special advisor for social dialogue 

Andrea Nahles and Jorg Tagger

(16 November 2020) The European Commission appointed Andrea Nahles, former German Labour Minister as special advisor for social dialogue. She will prepare a report with proposals how to give the social dialogue a new impetus. She met with the delegations of the ETUC and the employer groups to exchange ideas on procures, capacity building and visibility of the social dialogue. The EPSU General Secretary underlined how the rejection of the social partner agreement in central government administrations on information and consultation rights by the European Commission has undermined the credibility and trust. This needs to be addressed. EPSU is currently engaged in a Court case against the European Commission and is appealing a General Court decision. We are seeking annulment of the Commission decision. The special advisor will come with her report in early 20201. 
The meeting took place online 12 November 2020. The EPSU General Secretary was part of the ETUC delegation which included several representatives of the European trade union federations and some national confederations. 

For information on the Court case
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Analysis of an imminent legal labour expert  in Arbeit und Recht« 11/2020, Zur Durchführung von Sozialpartnervereinbarungen auf EU-Ebene EuG, v. 24.10.2019, T-310/18 (pay wall)
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