EU Director Generals and Trade Unions for Public Administration social dialogue progress report 29 May 2008, Slovenia

Brussels 03 June 2008

The 20-strong EPSU-led trade union delegation, TUNED, and EU-27 Director Generals for public administration held their biannual meeting on 29 May in Brdo, Slovenia.

It was the first plenary social dialogue meeting following the setting up of a Test Phase
on a formal European social dialogue for central government administrations, as agreed
last December.

Under the co-chairing of Slovenia's Director General for personnel and management
Mrs Ramsak Pesec, and TUNED spokesperson from PCS, UK, Mr Cochrane, the social
partners adopted a joint progress report on the implementation of the social dialogue
workprogramme 2008-2009.

“This is another step in the right direction towards improving our social dialogue for the
state sector. Crucial issues such as improving employee/employer's trust in central
government administrations, stress at work and anticipation of change will be top of our
agenda for the next 15 months. We thank the Slovenian presidency for its good handling
of this first phase on testing a real formal social dialogue.” says Charles Cochrane.

In addition to the progress report, the meeting endorsed a joint report and follow-ups on
external violence at work in the framework of the ongoing multi-sectoral initiative in this
area. An evaluation of the implementation of the European cross-sectoral Agreement on
violence and harassment at work in central public administrations is foreseen to start
later this year.

The meeting also heard a presentation on the mid-term evaluation of the Test Phase.
The evaluation will be carried out by the European Institute of Public Administration
(EIPA) in time for the DG/TUNED meeting on 19 December. A questionnaire on line is
available to TUNED and EUPAN members.

Next meetings of the social dialogue are scheduled for 07 July (steering group, p.m.)
and 9 September (working group, all day) which will concentrate on the issue of stress
at work. Both meetings will take place in Paris under the French EU presidency. A
second working group meeting will take place on 13 November in Brussels.

For further information please contact Nadja Salson, TUNED coordinator, [email protected]

TUNED is the Trade Unions' National and European Administration Delegation
consisting of affiliated unions to EPSU and CESI. Contact is [email protected]

- Press Release 29 May DG/TUNED meeting, Slovenia (English only)

- Progress report in English, German and French

- Report on external violence in English, German and French

- Speech of Charlie Cochrane, in English only

- The EIPA questionnaire on the evaluation of the Test Phase will be available shortly, in English, French and German