EU Dialogue, Local Solutions: kick-off webinar of the EPSU-CEMR joint project

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(23 March 2021) Violence at work, gender inequality and the treatment of migrants regularly grab headlines. Yet less attention falls on local governments, who do much of the work in communities to tackle these issues, whilst also facing the specific challenges presented by how these issues impact their own workforces.

For fifteen years, representatives of workers and employees in European local and regional governments have come together to find solutions to the problems facing local administrations. Over that time, the Council of European Municipalities and Regions (CEMR), representing employers, and the European Federation of Public Service Unions (EPSU) have negotiated a number of agreements to improve the working lives of employees in local government and deliver better public services to citizens. Agreements on third-party violence and harassment, migration and gender equality rank highly on their list of achievements.

To mark a decade and a half of the social dialogue committee and to raise grassroots awareness about the resources provided by European dialogue, the two social partners have launched a project to promote their work in three key areas: third-party violence and harassment at work, gender equality and migration. Employers and trade unionists from three countries presented their own experiences during a webinar held in December 2020  (video recording + report of the Kick-Off Webinar).


This meeting is organised with the financial support of the European Commission

This meeting is organised with the financial support of the European Commission