EU-Columbia Free Trade Agreement – Unions say NO: Stop the killing first

The European Commission and Columbia have entered into negotiations on a Free Trade Agreement. [EPSU Congress adopted a Resolution->art5545] at its 2009 Congress in which these negotiations are criticized. Several groups and unions are organising a series of activities to ensure that the European Commission takes trade union rights seriously in the negotiations. The UK confederation, together with EPSU affiliate Unite and others has published a report on the situation calling for an immediate end to the negotiations (Report attached).
The activities are also taken to the European Parliament 9 December 2009. Unions and others are requested to send a letter to their national MEPs (Draft letter attached).
- {{ETUC}} Together with ETUC we reject trade agreements without social dimension [>] -{{ PSI}} The situation is very bad with so many trade unionists being killed because they stand up for workers and workers’rights. See also the [work done by PSI->] - {{ITUC}} And the [annual report of the ITUC on violations of trade unions rights 2009->] draws also attention to the difficult situation of trade unionists.