ETUFs informal network meeting on digitalization

(7 October 2016) ETUFs informal network on digitialization met in EPSU offices to exchange view on following topics:

  • The need  to regulate on right to disconnect through collective bargaining and other legal instruments
  • Surveillance of data of employees at the workplace, analysis patterns and rating platforms of employers
  • The link between digitalisation and gender equality
  • Online-Platforms and the “sharing economy” with atypical forms of workers as crowdworking, freelancers and the need for framework for employee protection and equal treatment, and fighting undeclared work
  • Digital integration of value chains
  • The Copyright Reform and Intellectual Property Rights and the concept of fair contracts for authors, and journalists
  • The need for continuous professional development and assesssing psycho-social risks
  • Addressing health and safety issues and working time

Present were representatives of ETUCE, Eurocadres, ETUC, Uni-Europa, Industriall, EFJ, and ETUI.