ETUC Women’s committee meet to discuss the future of gender equality

Women's day 8 March 2018 - Work life balance - ETUC

(9 May 2018) On 25 April the ETUC women’s committee met in Brussels to discuss recent and future actions surrounding gender equality.

The main items on the agenda consisted of ; ETUC and its commitments to gender equality, the work life balance directive, gender based violence, EU events surrounding gender equality and upcoming actions and campaigns.

Several negotiations with employers’ organisations are underway with regards to the ETUC and its commitment towards gender equality.

Action plans have been developed to tackle the issue of the gender pay gap.

Following several major actions that took place on Women’s Day 2018, the women’s day committee discussed the positive coverage that items such as the work life balance directive received and what still needs to be done for this directive to be adopted.

An extensive communications campaign was created surrounding the work life balance directive that sparked media interest in the subject whilst raising awareness. The women’s committee lobbied the European parliament in meetings, hearings and European parliament events with the objective of the adoption of an ambitious but reasonable report by the EP.

Lobbying was also done at international level by several trade unions such as  Swedish  unions lobbying in government and French unions drafting a letter to president macron and the Netherlands lobbying with Parliament representatives .

However one of the key issues that persists is whether the EU is ready to commit to the work life balance directive?

The future of gender equality and  upcoming events  were discussed, that will take place across Europe in order to continue to tackle a still present issue.