ETUC opposes the Austerity Treaty and calls for a Day of Action

(25 January 2012) The ETUC has considerable concerns about the new Austerity Treaty that is being negotiated in haste and without much participation of Europe’s citizens, social partners and others. The European Council of 9 December 2011 agreed to conclude a Fiscal Compact, the main measure of which is the balanced budget rule that all countries have to approve in legislation or constitutions. Together with the set of measures already adopted (the six pack) and further measures for the monitoring and surveillance proposed by the European Commission in November 2011 this would create a framework for European and national economic policy that is solely focused on cuts in public expenditure. There is nothing foreseen to strengthen Social Europe and deal with those governments that undermine trade union rights, do not achieve the targets to reduce poverty or do not invest in the economy to create jobs and growth.

ETUC’s enlarged Steering Committee expressed its opposition to the new Treaty (see declaration attached below). The lack of democratic debate on what are potentially far reaching objectives is a serious concern as is the method of working outside of the EU treaties. To underline its opposition the ETUC’s Steering Committee agreed to call for a European day of action on 29th of February 2012. It will include national actions as well as actions in Brussels.

The actions were announced by the ETUC General Secretary during an press meeting outside of the European Council building. An EPSU group participated in the action. The ETUC Enlarged Steering Committee met to consider these developments 25 January 2012. EPSU’s General Secretary Participated.

Further information to affiliated unions will follow.

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ETUC Declaration on the “Treaty on stability, coordination and governance in the economic and monetary union”

Adopted by the ETUC Steering Committee on 25 January 2012

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  • Visible from left to right: B. Thibault, CGT, C. Rolin, CSC, A. Demelenne, FGTB, B. Barber, TUC, B. Segol, ETUC, C. Fischbach-Pyttel, EPSU