ETUC hits hard at EU Council: no need for race to bottom – put social Europe first

{(16 September 2010)} On the eve of the European summit ETUC hammered the European Council for its lack of a social vision and for its obsession with slashing budgets in a period that the European economy is barely recovering from the depths it fell into due to the reckless behaviour of governments who deregulated banks and banking control. Europe’s leaders meet 16 September. They will discuss proposals on economic governance. The Commission wants sanctions to be automatic against countries that do not cut in public wages, social benefits and public services. ETUC condemns the proposals for a sanctions team. ETUC wants that addressing inequalities and precarious work are at the heart of Europe’s policies. Macro-economic imbalances need to be addressed. The ETUC releases argues that “Economic governance is about common European policies to stop the social race to the bottom that is going on in the internal market.” - [For the full ETUC release->]