ETUC Executive: Trade union rights, Recovery fund, social dialogue, health and safety, tax policy on the agenda

10 December 2020 FGTB protest in Brussels union rights

(14 December 2020) Trade union rights violations are increasing in Europe. The right to strike gets under pressure. The ETUC Executive expressed its concerns and condemned the recent verdicts of Belgian courts. These seek to restrict unionists from exercising their fundamental right to strike and take collective action. The right is enshrined in international and European conventions and treaties. It gave its full support to the Belgian unions. The EPSU General Secretary participated in a protest action of the Belgian unions and the La Ligue des droits humains  on 10 December, international human rights day to express the solidarity of EPSU.

Europe’s trade union leaders had a full agenda. They adopted positions on:

Discussions took place on:

  • Tax policy and tax justice
  • Fair labour mobility and migration
  • Mid term conference and amendments to the constitution

And we welcomed a new member, the Croatian confederation Matica

The meeting took place online, 9-10 December 2020. The EPSU President and General Secretary, vice-President Thomas Kattnig and EPSU Deputy General Secretary participated in the meeting.