ETUC to EU heads of government - Stop austerity and build a Social Europe. Address tax fraud

(26 April 2013) The ETUC Executive Committee adopted a position on the social dimension of the European Union 23 April. It is the contribution of the ETUC to the discussions between the Parliament, Commission and Council (Member States) on the future of the European Union. Our priorities are therefore to: - Stop cuts in public spending, social protection and wages. They are unfair, they increase unemployment, inequalities and poverty and they worsen recession. - Stop competition on wage and working conditions. Stop tax competition, tax fraud, tax evasion. The EU is not only a free trade zone. It aims at full employment, and economic and social progress. - Put the emphasis on investments for sustainable growth and employment. - Promote social dialogue and collective bargaining at all levels. The ETUC Executive Committee adopted a range of demands that ETUC members will now address to national governments.