ETUC: calling on MEPs to support trade union rights

(May 2016) Earlier this year the ETUC launched a campaign in support of trade union rights highlighting some of the challenges its members organisations have faced in recent years.

At European level, the European Commission along with the European Central Bank and International Monetary Fund, have intervened as the Troika in countries like Greece and Portugal, pushing through major reforms to collective bargaining rights. While at national level, governments have introduced or are putting forward changes to legislation that attacks trade union rights (Lithuania, UK) or are directly challenging longstanding arrangements for collective bargaining (Finland). Trade unions are also finding themselves under attack as governments use existing legislation to criminalise those taking industrial action (France and Spain).

In the first stage of the campaign ETUC affiliates have been contacting MEPs to get them to sign a pledge to support and promote trade union rights in the policy and legislative work they do. EPSU affiliates are urged to contact their national confederations to find out how they can help in getting more MEPs to sign up.

Copies of the pledge and supporting information are attached.

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