ETUC background documents and useful links

- ETUC Fight the crisis put people first - Information on the upcoming Euro demonstrations

- ETUC positions on the Financial and Economic crisis

- PSI's Financial Crisis Blog with articles from PSI General Secretary and staff

- TUAC papers (EN)

- TUAC press release (EN/FR) on the trade union Social Summit meeting 29 March, in Rome with the G8/G14 countries’ Labour Ministers

- London declaration (EN)


- Financial Crisis Unions’ Watch, a webpage hosted by the ITUC that presents the reactions of trade unions on the global economic and financial crisis.

- Public Services International Research Unit:
PSIRU has published two notes on the crisis of relevance to public sector unions.
- One that deals with the economic crisis and public services

- And another one that considers the impact of the financial crisis on Public Private partnerships

- UN report on the World Economic Situation and Prospects (WESP) (May 2009)

- Global trade union statement to UN summit on World Economic and Financial crisis Conference New York 24-26 June 2009