ETUC and ITUC joint statement on the Trade in Services Agreement (TISA)

(6 September 2013) The ETUC and ITUC condemns the secretive negotiations on the Trade in Services Agreement (TISA) promoted by the European Commission, US and a group of other “Really Good Friends of Services” countries and their corporate allies in the European Services Forum for example. They argue that this agreement could be a way around the development goals and marginalise developing countries. The two major union confederations make very clear their determination over the need to exclude public services. {{They argue that}} the TISA negotiations should be {{open to the public}} and based on {{well-researched}} impact assessments and estimations reflecting different existing views and scientific approaches. The negotiations should take into account the multifaceted crisis, growing inequalities, persisting poverty and aim at making an agreement that would benefit the people. The participating countries need to { {{maintain adequate policy space}} , also with flexibilities}, to pursue development, defend against economic and social dangers as well as protect the environment.
In this respect, the importance of
(i) promoting labour standards,
(ii) guaranteeing quality public services accessible to all and
(iii) protecting the national interests and people’s sovereignty from financial instability and corporate power
should be central to the agreement.
To this end, the agreement requires {{ {a binding and enforceable chapter on sustainability covering labour and environment subject to the dispute settlement mechanism} }}. The ratification and effective implementation of internationally recognised fundamental labour standards and environmental standards is imperative. - Joint ITUC-ETUC statement on the goals and principles of the Trade in Services Agreement (TISA)
Brussels, 5 September 2013
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