Ethical principles for EU civil servants developed by the EU Ombudsman

(20 June 2012) The 5 public service principles that should guide the behaviour of EU civil servants are:

1. Commitment to the European Union and its citizens

2. Integrity

3. Objectivity

4. Respect for others

5. Transparency

The public service principles are available in the 23 EU languages at:

The European Ombudsman is P. Nikiforos Diamandouros. The principles were the result of a broad consultation and discussion with national ombudsmen. They have been developed following the criticism that too many high level EU officials have close relations with business interests seriously questioning their independence. The principles do underline that the EU civil servants should avoid conflicts of interests also after they have left the EU.

These principles are welcome and challenge the EU institutions proper to adopt and adapt their guidelines and end the phenomena of the revolving doors.