EPSU/UNI europa report on third-party violence and harassment related to work

"Policies, strategies and implementation: How issues of third party violence have been tackled in practice by social partners in the commerce, hospital, private security and local and regional government sectors" {September 2009} {{1. Introduction}} Threats and violence in the workplace is a growing concern among UNI europa and EPSU affiliates. According to European research approximately one in ten workers in the European Union report that they have suffered violence, bullying or harassment at work in the previous year. According to data, third-party violence at the hands of clients, customers or patients is more common than violence suffered at the hands of work colleagues. This report gives examples of practical measures that can be taken by social partners to prevent and manage problems of third-party violence at work and makes recommendations for further work in this area. It is a based on a survey carried out in the first half of 2009 of EPSU and UNI europa affiliates, plus desk research. This report starts from the premise that everybody has the right to feel secure in their workplace and that nobody should have to be afraid of going to work. For the full report:
Under the same project a report has also been delivered to the four European umbrella organisations of employer associations having signed the multi-sectoral guidelines, HOSPEEM, EuroCommerce, CoESS and CEMR. Read the interim report "Effective approaches to tackle third party violence in the workplace" prepared for them (available only in EN)