EPSUs demands for ECs new presidency

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(16 May 2019) On the eve of the elections the European federation of Public service workers has sent out letters to all spitzenkandidaten: The European left (EL), Alliance of Liberals and Democrats in Europe (ALDE), European Peoples Party (EPP),  Party of European Socialists (PES) Alliance of Conservatives and Reformists (ACRE), European Green Party (EGP), and European Free Alliance (EFA)

On behalf of all public service workers, we have  written to all the candidates from each political group, with a set of demands that  we need the new presidency of the European Commission to deliver.

EPSU asks that the new presidency commit to the following:

  • Support the introduction of the human right to water and sanitation in EU legislation as demanded by the first ever successful European Citizens’ Initiative (ECI) on the Right2Water
  • Ensure that all European workers have information and consultation rights by proposing legislation to end the current exclusion of workers in public administration from such rights in EU legislation
  • Cease the EC’s support for, and promotion of, PPPs in its policies and including in its development policy
  • Commit to not seeking liberalisation or opening of markets in health and social care, in education and other public services, and instead to implement the Protocol on Services of General Interest (SGI) and to ensure all policies comply with the European Pillar of Social Rights (EPS)

We hope that the new commission presidency will deliver the above demands and move forward towards a more social Europe.