EPSU/CEMR: EU Dialogue, Local Solutions -Seminar on Third-Party Violence in France

EU Social Dialogue Local Solutions joint EPSU - CEMR joint project

(17 February 2022) To mark a decade and a half of the social dialogue committee and to raise grassroots awareness about the resources provided by European dialogue, EPSU and CEMR stepped aboard a common initiative. The joint project on social dialogue in local and regional government focuses on three key areas where the work of social partners deserves particular attention: third-party violence and harassment at work, gender equality and migration. After a presentation of the different national experiences of trade unions from France, Sweden and Spain, the three countries will host a thematic seminar to discuss a specific area.

Seminar on Third-Party Violence in France

In the context of third-party violence, the example brought by France in the dedicated thematic seminar shows the need of more even implementation of the multi-sectoral guidelines of 2010. With the introduction of the concept of functional protection in 2016, France has been developing a robust legislative framework to tackle third-party violence. The doctrine of functional protection provides a holistic protection for workers, with broad safeguards and a smoother process for employees to access redress through formal channels. Despite the steps forward on the legislative side, employers’ awareness of rights and responsibilities remains patchy. Virtuous examples in some small municipalities and in the region of Occitaine show how there has been momentum in innovation in prevention and reporting initiatives. The rise in third-party violence becomes even more worrying if considered in conjunction with the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic and the new digital technologies. Overall, the need for a deeper understanding of the impact of European agreements, and improvement on the awareness and implementation aspects both emerged as pressing issues.

EU Dialogue, Local Solutions: Briefing for the Seminar on Third-Party Violence in France


This meeting is organised with the financial support of the European Commission



This meeting is organised with the financial support of the European Commission