EPSU Youth Network Conference: youth organising essential to trade union growth

EPSU Youth Network conference September 2023, Sofia

Youth Annual Conference, Sofia 27-29 September 2023

(5 October 2023) 35 EPSU Youth Network representatives from 17 countries, met in Sofia to discuss and propose recommendations on youth organising in trade unions. All participants were very committed, understood that growing unions is essential and bringing and retaining young members in unions is their future. Different tools and mechanisms were discussed, with lots of input from the Network.

Unions’ social media were evaluated from young workers’ points of view and a set of recommendations has been produced. Working with students and pupils of secondary education was explored, as a mean to attract future workers to the unions.

The issue of empowering youth has been debated and the participants called unions leaders to make necessary changes to assure generational change in the unions.

Final point discussed was youth participation and visibility in EPSU 2024 Congress.

  • EPSU Youth Network conference, September 2023, Sofia
  • EPSU Youth Network conference, September 2023, Sofia