EPSU Youth Network call for the European Elections

(14 May 2019) The EPSU Youth network has worked on an appeal to candidates for the European elections regarding what the most important issues for young workers in the public sector are. Five years ago youth unemployment was one of the key issues of the campaign for the president of the European commission. In 2019 unemployment decreased across the European Union yet the level of youth unemployment still remains extremely high. The euro area is still at 17% and in some countries such as Spain or Greece youth unemployment still remains around 35% despite the economic recovery announced.

In the public sector the situation is still bleak with an ageing workforce and increase in precariousness for many of the few young workers. Therefore the EPSU Youth network wants to highlight the need for a European initiative to reduce youth unemployment and to increase the amount of young workers within the public sector.

read the call to future MEPS in the pdf below