EPSU writes to Italian Prime Minister Monti: respect the opinion of the people – do not liberalise water services

(18 January 2012) The Italian water movement achieved a great [victory ->art7799] in June 2011 when millions of Italians said no to the liberalization and privatisation of water services. The European Central Bank however has sought to reverse this decisions in a secret letter to the Italian government in July 2011. In this letter the then President Trichet advised: “A comprehensive, far-reaching and credible reform strategy, including the full liberalisation of local public services and of professional services is needed. This should apply particularly to the provision of local services through large scale privatizations.” Following the fall of the Berlusconi government, the technocratic government of Mario Monti was installed supported by the major Italian political parties. It has adopted many of the proposals of the ECB and including proposals to seek progress with the privatisation of local public services. The [Italian Water Movement->http://www.acquabenecomune.org/raccoltafirme/] and EPSU affiliate CGIL-FP which is a member of that broad movement are applying pressure on the government and a demonstration was organized on 18 January 2012. EPSU wrote to the Italian Prime Minister indicating its concerns over the proposals which would violate the outcome of the referendum. - [A longer article on the relation between the ECB and the Italian referendum->art8403] For our letter:

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