EPSU Women and Gender Equality Committee discusses pay transparency and violence at work

EPSU Women and Gender Equality committee 1st June

(1st July 2022) The women and gender equality committee met online on June 1st 2022, main items on the agenda were the pay transparency directive and the third party violence guidelines with discussion over their possible revision.

ETUC gave an overview of the state of play of the pay transparency directive: the EU Parliament has concluded its position and the first trialogue on the directive will be on 30 June .

EPSU will continue keeping pressure to ensure that the final text will cover both public and private services and that cross-sectoral comparator, allowing to measure and compare equal pay for work of equal value will be included, as a gender neutral job evaluation and job classification will ameliorate the framework for better pay and working conditions for many of the women dominated sectors represented by EPSU.

The Committee also discussed third party violence at work and the growing issue of online violence, the need to update the guidelines and the fact that unfortunately, the current guidelines are not well known by workers and employers.  The presentation was followed by a discussion where participants exposed how they dealt with the issue in their own countries.