EPSU welcomes EU Finance ministers vote to go ahead with Financial Transaction Tax

(EPSU statement - 23 January 2013 - Press Release) On 22 January 2013 EU finance ministers agreed to proceed with proposals for a Financial Transactions Tax (FTT) under enhanced co-operation procedure.
Carola Fischbach-Pyttel, EPSU General Secretary, said:
“The €zone countries are right to go ahead with a Financial Transaction Tax as it will spread the cost of the crisis on to those that actually caused it, benefit jobs and growth, provide much needed public resources for socially useful goods and services and contribute to fair and progressive taxation.
It is great news that Eurozone economies are pursuing the FTT, that will benefit workers, pensioners, consumers and businesses, and give that boost to the Eurozone recovery we need.
A healthy European economy is in everyone’s interests so we urge non-participating member states to join the FTT zone.
Meanwhile, the FTT should have a broad scope such as extra-territorial reach into financial services activity conducted in non-participating member states”

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