EPSU welcomes EP report "new developments in public procurement

(19 May 2010) EPSU welcomes the report adopted by the European Parliament on 18 May on “new developments in public procurement”, rapporteur Heide Rühle MEP. EPSU had suggested a number of amendments to the report, emphasizing that the legal changes introduced by the Lisbon Treaty – in particular the notion of a ‘social market economy’, a social clause, and a Protocol of services of general interest – provide a new framework for public procurement in which social concerns should play a more prominent role.

As well as recognising this new context the report also:

- Calls on the European Commission to take a more positive approach to the integration of social and fair trade criteria into public procurement contracts and to provide practical help to public authorities to this effect

- An expectation that lessens will be learnt from failing Public-Private Partnerships (PPPs) and that proper evaluation will take place on the financial risks involved with the creation of PPPs - Caution as regards a legislative initiative on service concessions

- Support for inter-municipal cooperation

- References to the importance of transparency, public scrutiny and good governance in public procurement; and for participation by trade unions / social partners in Commission advisory bodies on procurement

The report also calls on the Commission to asses fully the procurement directives against the issues mentioned in the report.


- EP report

- EPSU briefing note on public procurement