EPSU welcomes ambitious targets climate and energy voted by EP

(6 February 2014) The European Parliament agreed to set targets for the EU and for the Member States on CO2 emission reductions (at least 40% less in 2030 compared to 1990), 30% electricity from renewables and 40% improvements in energy efficiency using less fuels in 2030. EPSU welcomes the result of the vote. We encouraged MEPs to follow the position of the Environment Committee. It gives the right signal ahead of the Council of Ministers for Energy in early March and the European Council mid March that the EU has to continue on its ambitious path towards a near zero carbon power sector in 2050 by setting clear targets for the intermediary years. Such targets will be important for investors, industry, governments and citizens to guide their policies and decisions rather then leaving achieving a reduction of CO2 emissions completely to the working of the internal market as the European Commission has been proposing in its [recent proposals-> http://ec.europa.eu/clima/news/articles/news_2014012202_en.htm].

EPSU asked MEPs to defeat proposals of the conservative parties which supported the European Commission. Like the European Commission, they ignore the impact on employment and do not pay attention to the importance of skills and qualifications, social dialogue or energy poverty. EPSU asked the MEPs to support the principles of just transition and decent work as agreed during the climate summit in Cancun. The impact assessment accompanying the proposals of the European Commission indicates that clear targets for renewables and energy efficiency will furthermore create additional jobs. Further benefits include improving energy security and reducing fuel dependency.

The Council of Ministers for Energy on 4 March and the European Council on 20-21 March will have to position themselves ahead of the European Parliament elections although the main decisions will be taken after the European elections with a new European Parliament and a new Commission. EPSU demands ambitious and realistic EU energy and climate change policies that include the just transition and decent work agenda.

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