EPSU was on the march again on September 17

(September 25) On September 17th more than 50,000 workers and trade unionists from across Europe (Belgium, Italy, Lithuania, Hungary, Czech Republic, SLovakia, Germany, Austria) and, of course Poland, marched through the streets of Wroclaw as the Council of Economy and Finance Ministers (ECOFIN) was meeting to decide about the measures to be taken in the current stage of the financial and economic crisis.

Call by the European Trade Union Confederation (ETUC) this demonstration was to oppose the austerity measures that countries under economic difficulties have been taken during the summer period. It was a protest to demand also the introduction of Eurobonds, a financial transaction tax and a massive investment plan for job creation. In Spite of these calls, the ECOFIN decided to put on hold the payment of the rescue package to Greece putting the Greek economy on the verge of bankruptcy.

As the President of the ETUC said during the speeches at the end of the demonstration, "The European leaders prefer turning their back to Greek workers than finding a lasting solution for the soveirgn debt problem". The ECOFIN meeting in Wroclaw on 16 and 17 September, decided not to decide anything. They did not adopt the urgent measures needed to prevent any worsening of the crisis in the European Union, and in particular the situation of Greece.

The European Federation of Public Service Unions (EPSU) was, as it has been doing since the first ETUC demo in 29th September 2010, marching at the front for "jobs and public services". EPSU is the since European Industry federation affiliated to the ETUC that has mobilised for every single protest at European level. EPSU will continue to protest against the unfair austerity plans that take a heavy burden on often low-paid public sector workers that did not cause the crisis.

We would like to thank our Hungarian, Czech and Polish affiliates for being so supportive in their efforts to ensure a block in the demonstration to represent the voices of 8 million members.

Read the message of solidarity sent by our Greek affiliate ADEDY here [->http://etuc.org/IMG/pdf/GSEE_RALLY_10_9_11_STATEMENT_BY_PRESIDENT.pdf]

- See the photos of the demo here

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