EPSU urges European Parliament to protect social dialogue and fundamental rights

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(8 May 2023) EPSU has called on members of the European Parliament’s Employment Committee to protect the autonomy of social partners and uphold fundamental rights in their vote on the European Social Dialogue report.

In a letter to the committee, EPSU voiced support for the compromises presented in the report with the support of MEP Agnes Jongerius, while cautioning against alternative compromise amendments CA 4 and CA7.

“[These amendments] would infringe upon the autonomy of the social partners (Treaty articles 151-155); the EU Charter on Fundamental Rights; the European Social Charter; and the relevant ILO Conventions. They restrict freedoms and rights,” the letter stated. These amendments support and condone attacks on fundamental trade union rights, as recognised in the European Convention on Human Rights and the European Social Charter.

MEPs are further urged not to support the addition to amendments 12 and 15, which go against established EP policy on procurement.

The European Social Dialogue report comes at a critical time for social dialogue in Europe. The European Commission’s recently proposed Communication on EU social dialogue has been met with concern due to its lack of clarity and commitment to providing the support necessary to accomplish the goals of sectoral social dialogue. The Parliament report is a chance for MEPs to protect fundamental rights and European social dialogue.