EPSU, UNI-Europa, EFFAT, EFBWW, ETUF-TCL Points for the consultation EC guide socially responsible public procurement

(7 January 2009)

1) ‘More and better’ jobs – the framework 

In the European social model – and Lisbon Agenda – value for money and social and environmental considerations go hand in hand. Even if the EC has chosen to do separate Guides, it is important to link social and environmental issues together. Public authorities should take the full range of economic, social and environmental costs and benefits of public procurement into account - this is what ‘value for money’ means. The EU procurement directives give plenty of space and opportunities to public authorities to do just this. All the relevant recitals and Articles in the Directive need to be shown visibly in the Guide, including the (non-exhaustive) examples below: (...)

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- Local and Regional Government Social Dialogue Committee Working Group meeting on social procurement on 9 October 2009