EPSU Trade Union Journalists seminar, 5-6 December 2005

{{"Making EU developments VISIBLE in EPSU Affiliates' publications"}} This initiative is a detailed and ambitious attempt by EPSU to co-ordinate and assist our national affiliates in disseminating EU developments and proposals effectively. By ‘effectively' it is meant that {{ordinary members begin to see how EU policies are affecting them}}. EPSU has 216 affiliate organisations and counting, and the publications and website of these affiliate organisations are an extremely valuable resource. The opposition to the Services ({{Bolkestein}}) directive is a good example of what can be achieved when we co-ordinate our message. Our aim, through this seminar, is to create a {{network of EPSU briefed trade union journalists}} so that ordinary members can understand and benefit from the actions and initiatives we launch at EU level. {{ {[>read more->art1363]} }}