EPSU Trade Union Journalists Seminar


"Making EU developments VISIBLE in EPSU Affiliates' publications"

5 December, 09h00 - 17h00, International Trade Union House, Room B

5 Boulevard du Roi Albert II - 1210 Brussels

6 December, 09h30 - 13h00, European Parliament, Room ASP 1G2

60 rue Wiertz - 1047 Brussels

It is my pleasure to ask you to select ONE trade union journalist (or the full time official responsible for Communications/ Member Publications) from your organisation, to attend this seminar.

This initiative is a detailed and ambitious attempt by EPSU to co-ordinate and assist our national affiliates in disseminating EU developments and proposals effectively. By ‘effectively' it is meant that ordinary members begin to see how EU policies are affecting them. EPSU has 216 affiliate organisations and counting, and the publications and website of these affiliate organisations are an extremely valuable resource. The opposition to the Services (Bolkestein) directive is a good example of what can be achieved when we co-ordinate our message. Our aim, through this seminar, is to create a network of EPSU briefed trade union journalists so that ordinary members can understand and benefit from the actions and initiatives we launch at EU level.

As there is no possibility for reimbursement, the travel and accommodation will be covered by the sending organisations.

The starting point for the objective of creating a network of trade union journalists will be the organisation of a two-day event in Brussels, 5-6 December. Delegates will be communications professionals/ specialists working for EPSU affiliates.

The Broad content/Agenda will include:
Briefings/presentations on broad EU policies, programmes and legislation and mechanisms for informing on same; Briefings/presentations on EPSU policies, priorities, proposed activities and actions, including demonstration of EPSU media: newsletters, web sites etc; Forum facilitation: debates/workshops on communications/advocacy objectives and coordination through EPSU communication tools.

Please fill in and return the attached participation form by 3 November 2005 at the latest.

Interpretation has been requested as follows for the 5 December 2005:
Active: English, French, German and Spanish.
Passive: Danish, Norwegian, Swedish and Italian.

Interpretation has been requested as follows for the 6 December 2005:
Active: English, French and German. We will ask also for the Spanish, Swedish and Italian interpretation but we have not yet received the confirmation from the European Parliament.

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