EPSU Trade Union Journalists network meeting

20 February 2012

ITUH, room B

5 bld du Roi Albert II, 1210 Brussels

EPSU is glad to invite trade union journalists from affiliated organisations to the seminar that has, as last year’s the objective of better coordinate and assist affiliates to disseminate EU related information. The context is somehow different. The crisis of the Euro and the debates about changes in the Treaty make the issues of communication even more important. At the last Trade union journalist seminar we decided to evaluate the internal communication between EPSU and its affiliates. It will be a moment to take stock of such decision.

The current stage of the financial and economic crisis is challenging the trade union movement in an especially acute form and our regard to European Union policies needs to be sharpened on the eve of key decisions. To have better responses to the austerities plans at a national and European level we also need better communication. EPSU call on November 30 a European Day of action for the first time since the crisis broke out, it will be a moment to evaluate its impact.

We have decided to have this seminar as early as possible to be able to prepare a common EPSU European communication strategy ahead of the important moments. Would you be willing to add a point of the agenda about a national campaign please contact Pablo Sanchez (as soon as possible).

The seminar will take place 20 February 2011 at the International Trade union House in Brussels from 9am until 5 pm.

We ask you to select a trade union journalist per organisation, if possible the responsible of Communications/Press of the organisation.

Interpretation requested: English and French. German passive.

The Broad Draft Agenda :
- Economic Governance and Austerity plans: how to communicate alternatives? World Water Day.
- Evaluation of November 30th EPSU day of action and future immediate tasks.
- EPSU water campaign April 1St the beginning.
- Tax Fraud Campaign
- PSI Communications report and presentation of PSI work.
- Social media and change in Europe and the world

Please return the attached form by 20 January the latest.

Looking forward to meeting your organisation’s designated communications representative at the seminar in March.


- Invitation

- Draft agenda

- Participation form

- List of hotels and area map

- Rules for financial assistance