EPSU tells Economic and Social Committee: Jobs, democracy and domestic users at the centre

"It is a malfunctioning market and if you are in a whole you should stop digging", EPSU Deputy General Secretary Jan Willem Goudriaan told a public hearing organised by the Economic and Social Committee."Jobs are losts, prices increase, investment lags, research budgets are reduced and vulnerable users suffer. Who takes responsibility for this mess ?" He outlined the priorities for EPSU:
- We are not in favour of ownership unbundling. The previous measures are only just implemented. And whatever model (Ownership unbundling, Independent system Operator, or the Third Way, it should not have a negative impact on jobs, should be implemented in consultation with the social partners and its effects should be monitored.
- The Regulators should consider quality of supply issues and including the presence of skilled and qualified staff;
- The Regulators should be accountable and democratically controlled, for example through an advisory board in which unions, environmental organisations, consumers and low income groups should participate.
- People in Europe should not be disconnected because they can not afford to pay their bill.
- Member States which want to regulate the price for domestic users (based on democratic decisions) should be allowed to do so.

The European Economic and Social Committee held the hearing on the 3rd package for liberalisation of the electricity and gas market as proposed by the European Commission, 11 February 2008, Brussels

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