EPSU supports women's strike in Switzerland

EPSU Congress June 2019, Dublin Women's rights

(14 June 2019) Women across Switzerland are taking to the streets today for a national women’s strike. Our affiliated union VPOD/SSP is one of those organising this strike.

At the last EPSU congress all female delegates showed their support and solidarity. This strike follows the successful Spanish feminist strike and the Glasgow women's strike. EPSU sends its solidarity and call for support of this mobilisation.

Among their national demands in Switzerland, women are calling for equal pay, investment in the care sector, recognition of the real value of unpaid women’s work at home and in the community and zero tolerance of gender-based violence, as well as for effective measures to prevent both psychological and physical harassment. These demands echo EPSU's Prague declaration and they are part of a worldwide movement to fight for women's rights.

The strike is taking place in the midst of crucial negotiations on international rules to tackle violence and harassment at work, taking place in the context of the International Labour Conference (ILC) in Geneva. Our international organisation PSI has been at the forefront of this struggle.