EPSU supports Verdi action in waste company SITA Ost

Workers of SITA Ost staged a demonstration 13 March 2004. They protested the cuts in pay and conditions imposed by management. SITA Ost also is no longer following the collective agreement for the waste sector and has pressured workers in accepting an individual contract. The demonstration was organised by Verdi. SITA Ost is a German waste company active in the east of Germany. It is part of the French company Suez (waste, water, energy). The European Works Council of Suez and EPSU have repeatedly questioned the behaviour of management and asked the CEO of Suez mr. Mestrallet to solve the situation with respect for the collective agreement.

EPSU sent a message of solidarity to the demonstration which was read out by one of the Bureau members of the Suez European Works Council Henk Hummelman.

The colleague wearing an EPSU cap and reading the manifesto is Hans Jurgen Debus, the chair of the German concern works council for SITA.

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