EPSU supports the mobilisation of its Greek affiliate

(September 29)EPSU rejects the false medicine that it is being imposed in Greece. The European Federation of Public Service Unions rejects the latest austerity plans passed by the Greek government.They will plunge even further Greece into a new crisis due to the recession that they will cause. The measures, that have also been rejected by EPSU affiliate ADEDY, include the sacking of 58.000 public sector workers, reduce the salaries to 60% of 20.000 civil servants and put them "on hold" at home as a step to "help them to retire". These measures target mostly the workers over 55 years of age and those with disabilities. Further reduction of public employees of about 40% and to reduce the total number of public sector workers by 2012 in 100.000. The last thing that an indebted country needs is further punitive loans with strings attached that will reduce the amount of taxes paid, and therefore the income of the state as well as disencourage consumption. This disastrous policy for Greece will mean and increase of unemployment, poverty and social dispair. The main problem of Greece is not the unpaid taxes of the workers but the unpaid taxes of the rich. Current plans for debt repayment will put the repayment level above the budget used in education and health put together. This is inadmissible in a so-called civilised society. For that matter we support the mobilisation of our affiliates and the Greek citizens to defend their standard of living, public health, utilities and education as well as a future for Greek citizens. For that reason ADEDY has organised a march Thursday 29 Septmber at 6pm in Athens.