EPSU supports MEPs’ call to ban Amazon lobbyists from the European Parliament

EPSU supports MEPs’ call to ban Amazon lobbyists from the European Parliament

(15 February 2024) Over 30 trade unions and NGOs have joined MEPs in urging the European Parliament to revoke Amazon lobbyists' access. The move follows Amazon's repeated refusal to engage with MEPs on critical issues concerning working conditions. Despite invitations to hearings, Amazon has dismissed parliamentary scrutiny, with its representatives skipping key sessions. In December 2023, Amazon canceled a scheduled visit by an MEP delegation to its warehouses in Germany and Poland. And lastly, Amazon declined to join an Employment Committee hearing on 23 January. 

Amazon's violations of labour, human & environmental rights are not limited to this.

  • Amazon has undermined the right to strike and is notorious for its poor labour conditions and low pay.
  • Amazon’s marketplace has been investigated, fined, and sued in multiple jurisdictions due to abuses of market power and illegally maintaining monopoly power; in fact, there is sufficient proof to break up the company;
  • Amazon’s data collection and processing practices have come under fire for breaching EU data protection laws. On the exact same day as the EMPL hearing, Amazon was fined €32 million for "overly intrusive" surveillance of workers in its warehouses in France;
  • The company has come under scrutiny from local communities and workers for the environmental impact of its logistics centres and its carbon footprint.

EPSU warns about Amazon's hostility against democratic engagement, particularly given the company's significant lobbying investments and its presence in the EU institutions. We join the call to enforce Rule 123 of the European Parliament's Rules of Procedure, demanding the immediate withdrawal of all Amazon lobbyists' badges.

This collective move highlights the urgent need to hold big businesses accountable and uphold democratic principles within the European Parliament.

Read the letter here.