EPSU supports Manifesto of the European Network for Public Water

(18 May 2009) EPSU was active in the water activities during the European Social Forum in Malmo, September 2008. Several groups came together to found the European Network for Public Water.

A Manifesto was published. EPSU discussed if it should support the Manifesto.

The Standing Committee on Public Utilities decided to do so at its meeting 14 May 2009.

The Manifesto sets put a number of general principles that are considered important for Europe's water policy and water sector. It includes a commitment of water as a human right, excluding trade and liberalisation of water services from international trade agreements, bringing the World Water Forum under direction of the United Nations, and water is to remain a public services. Public public partnerships should be promoted, investment is to be increased to ensure safe and sustainable water and working conditions of employees in water companies should be improved. Workers should be part of democratic decision-making processes.

To read the Manifesto:

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