EPSU supports Italian affiliates mobilisation to speed up negotiations

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(30 January 2018) It is now 14 months since EPSU’s Italian affiliates signed a framework agreement covering public sector workers. This marked the end of an eight-year period when collective bargaining in the public sector was frozen. Since then unions and employers in different parts of the public sector have been negotiating specific agreements. However, the pace of some these negotiations has been unacceptably slow and the three public sector federations – FP-CGIL, CISL-FP and UIL-FPL – are particularly frustrated by lack of progress with bargaining in the local government and health sectors which cover over one million workers.

The general secretaries of the three federations have already written to the government to express their anger and will attend a meeting at the public service ministry on 5 February. They have also called for a mobilisation on the day to show the government the level of support for signing new collective agreements.

A positive result will be further good news for public service workers across Europe as they see collective bargaining re-established for this large group of workers, providing at the same time an important boost to the ETUC's pay rise campaign.

EPSU has sent a message of support to the three federations.

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