EPSU supports Greek workers and citizens in their action today

(27 November 2014) EPSU, the European federation of public services workers supports the general strike you are organising together with GSEE, today 27 november. Greek workers and citizens continue to show resistance against the austerity measures of the Greek government that are affecting public services and workers. What the European union needs is investment and a end to austerity. While the recent plans of the new EU juncker commission are an indication that there is an understanding by politicians that investment is needed, the plans are not sufficient. The link that is made with structural reforms of the labour market is not acceptable. We also do not need more public private partnerships that socialise the risks and privatise the profits. In many countries workers have come on the street these last weeks like in London (18 October), Brussels (6 November), The Hague, Rome (8 November), a health workers strike on 24 November and a series of regional strikes started in Belgium on 24th. While from different countries, it is the same fight.