EPSU supports firefighters against misuse of their work

Firefighters @can stock photo buchachon

(15 May 2019) EPSU stands firmly with the Italian firefighters in affirming that what happened on Monday in Brembate (Italy) is unacceptable. In view of a political rally of the Italian Minister of Interior Matteo Salvini for the upcoming elections, a  team of firefighters has been deployed to remove a banner from a balcony of a neighbouring house.

“Firefighters provide emergency rescue and support to citizens – says Jan Willem Goundriaan, EPSU Secretary General – and we strongly support the demands for clarity from CGIL VVF. What happened is a misuse of firefighters’ resources and goes against the rights of citizens to express their opinions. This is particularly worrying in a pre-election period, two weeks before European citizens are asked to cast their votes for the new European Parliament. This is why, this cannot become a precedent but it must be singled out as an inacceptable action to be clarified.”

For more information, please check the website CGIL VVF: https://www.fpcgil.it/2019/05/13/vvf-striscione-rimosso/