EPSU supports Dutch Manifestation: Strongly together for Public Jobs

(Brussels 16 February) Thousands of workers are expected to participate in the national demonstration organized by the public service unions in the Netherlands, 17 February 2011, The Hague. EPSU (The European Federation of Public Services Unions) affiliates AbvaKabo and CNV Publieke Zaak together with other unions will demand that the government respects the workers in public services. The government has proposed draconian measures which will lead to tens-of thousands of job losses in higher education, in the health and social services, in local and regional government, in the social security institutions, in national administration, in youth work and child care and many other public services. The government wants to freeze wages at a time when the Dutch economy is doing well.

“Once again we see a right wing government supported by an anti-Islam and anti-immigrants party putting on the screws on public service workers who did not cause the economic crisis and in a country with an economy that is doing well. These political parties devalue the work of fire-fighters, civil servants, childcarers, road safety inspectors, teachers, elderly care workers, nurses and many others, says EPSU Deputy General Secretary Jan Willem Goudriaan “EPSU strongly condemns these policies that damage the European economy and undermine support for the European project.. Policies are needed that promote investment and jobs, foster a green deal and bring about Social Europe”

Dutch unions demonstrate for high quality public services accessible for all. The workers demand respect for their work and the resources to do a good job for the people they care about – children, pupils and students, the elderly, those in danger and need, the sick.. The government should refrain from intervening in the negotiations. The unions demand wages that are in line with the rest of the economy, no forced redundancies and clarity about the tasks to be carried out to prevent that the government policies lead to less workers and more stress. EPSU’s Deputy General Secretary will participate in the demonstration.

For the details of the impact of the government austerity measures proposed see: http://www.abvakabofnv.nl/over/samen-sterk/bezuinigingen-wat-betekenen-ze-voor-jou

For the campaign website of the joint unions: http://www.publiekwerk.info

Here you can see two videos of the demonstration that took place in The Hague February 17 organised by the Dutch Public Sector union. Thousands of workers followed the call of the union.

- www.abvakabofnv.nl

- www.youtube.com