EPSU supports demand unions for more democracy in European Central Bank and EU

DGB House Frankfurt WEB
(17 March 2015) On the occasion of the inauguration of the new head office of the European Central Bank, trade unions are demanding more democracy and an end to austerity that is hurting people and workers across the EU.

We need alternatives and a public investment plan on a scale that will start to address the situation of the 24 million unemployed and the many more millions in poverty. Thousands of citizens from across Europe will demonstrate with action group Blockupy to show their anger over the failed economic policies.

A huge banner was also revealed inside of the ECB by staff working in the new building demanding more democracy and including inside the ECB itself. Rules and regulations are determined by the ECB Governing Council, a forum of 25 men and one woman, chaired by its President Mario Draghi. These rules are made behind closed doors, a situation made possible by way of Art. 36.1 of the Statute of the European System of Central Banks and of the European Central Bank.

Workers in the ECB lack the appropriate information, consultation and negotiation mechanisms granted by legislation to other workers. The ECB that determines and imposes policies affecting the lives of hundreds of million Europeans in the Eurozone and beyond, seeks to place itself beyond democratic control and denies its staff workplace democracy. EPSU fully supports this action and the union IPSO, part of EPSU affiliate USF.

Another recent case of a European body governed by Member States that seeks to place itself outside of the European legal order is the European Patent Office. These European bodies appear to be governed as in the Wild West and have limited regard for their staff and staff representatives.

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