EPSU supports culture workers' demonstration

EPSU staff supports KKDSZ

(16 January 2015) EPSU sends its support to the KKDSZ culture workers’ union which is organising several demonstrations across Hungary on 20 January. The culture sector has been neglected by governments over many years with a third of jobs cut since 2008. The important role that workers play in museums, libraries and many other cultural institutions continues to be undervalued. Workers in the sector have not seen a pay rise for over 10 years and are surviving on poverty wages. Many trade unions in other sectors in Hungary recognise the situation of the culture workers and have given their support to the demonstrations.

Over 80 trade union representatives from 20 countries meeting at EPSU’s collective bargaining conference this week also expressed their support for the KKDSZ action. EPSU hopes that the demonstrations are successful and well supported and that they send a clear message to the government about the invaluable contribution that culture workers make to society and the urgent need to recognise this by increasing employment in the sector and awarding workers a long overdue pay increase.