EPSU supports CGIL and the Italian unions against the attacks of the extreme-right

Siamo Tutti CGIL

(11 October 2021) The head-office of the Italian trade union Confederation CGIL was stormed by extreme right wing groups Saturday 9 October. This followed a demonstration of no-vax groups that are opposed to the mandatory vaccinations that the Italian government has introduced for groups of workers. These people entered the building and created havoc in the offices of CGIL. The national and Roman leaders of the fascist group Forza Nuova have been arrested for leading the violent actions. The condemnation of Europe’s trade unions has been universal. EPSU has sent a letter of solidarity. We must stand firm against fascism as the EPSU Congress in Dublin made very clear. European Commissioner Schmit expressed his indignation and support and Prime Minister Draghi visited the offices of the Confederation to meet with the CGIL leadership and show his solidarity. All Italian confederations: CGIL CISL and UIL will organise a demonstration in Roma 16 October. The unions ask for the fascist organisations to be dissolved.  We all understand that these attacks by fascists groups are directed not just against CGIL. It is against all of us. Europe’s unions will stand together. Never again fascism.

For the call to the joint demonstration (At the time of writing the website of www.cgil.it was facing an online attack.)

Messages of solidarity to CGIL from public services unions from across Europe

For a reaction of ETUC

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General Secretary Serena Sorentino FP CGIL against the fascists attack and calling for joining the demonstration 16 October

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Information on CGIL CISL UIL demonstration on Saturday 16th October in Rome (Piazza San Giovanni at 3 pm)

Brussels 11 October 2021

  • To the ETUC affiliates

Dear all, 

We forward to you here below a message from our CGIL colleagues,  regarding the demonstration the Italian unions CGIL-CISL-UIL organise next Saturday in Rome, after the attack against the CGIL premises which took place last Saturday.

The ETUC will participate with a delegation and we encourage all of you to support the demonstration.

All the best

Luca Visentini 


Subject: CGIL CISL UIL demonstration on Saturday 16th in Rome (Piazza San Giovanni at 3 pm)

Dear comrades,

first of all we want to thank you for your warm solidarity in the last few days, which have been dramatic for our organisation.

CGILheadquarters in Rome have been attacked and devastated on Saturday 9th during a no green-pass demonstration. This is a vile fascist attack. An attack to democracy and to the whole labour movement which we will fight back.  Thanks for all the support and solidarity from unions and unionists in Europe and all over the world.

A demonstration is being organised by CGIL CISL UIL on Saturday 16th in Rome in Piazza San Giovanni at 3 pm. We will welcome international delegations from 11 am onwards in Sala Santi of CGIL Nazionale (Corso d'Italia, 25 - 1st floor).

If you want to join the demonstration, please let us know asap by sending to europa@cgil.it - org.internazionale@cgil.it the details of your delegation (name and surname of the head of the delegation, name and surname of the member of the delegation, a cell phone number of the head of the delegation and your arrival and departure details).

In solidarity,

Susana Camusso

Resp. Politiche di Genere e Politiche Europee e Internazionali