EPSU supports Belgian affiliates in health, care and culture – Investment in staff and quality care

non-profit demo 7 May Brussels (health, care and culture workers)

(7 May 2019) From all corners of Belgium, workers in health, care and culture came to Brussels to demand more investment in an increasingly more complex sector.  Ten thousands of extra workers are needed in this sector, called non- or social profit. Otherwise the lack of staff will lead to grave problems and quality care is not ensured. Already stress at the work place is one of the most reported problems. 'Caring for people is not a race you can speed up' the demonstrators were saying. Higher pay and better conditions including leave arrangements for the end of career period are necessary to keep the sector attractive.  Work-life balance is an issue in the sector. The unions stand for people over profits. Public money that goes to the non-profit sector should not make shareholders rich. Providing good care is part of social security. These demands are very similar to what unions are demanding in other countries in Europe. The EPSU General Secretary and the policy assistant for social services joined the manifestation therefore to support the Belgian unions.

The unions demand a multiannual agreement that addresses the challenges the sector is confronted with.  9000 workers marched to support these demands 7 May 2019.