EPSU supports 48h General strike by its Greek affiliates

(18 October 2012) Today and tomorrow Greek workers will be on a general strike against the new cuts announced by the Samaras government. We support the peaceful demonstration of our Greek colleagues who demand an alternative to the austerity policies. These are showing not to work and throw back the Greek economy many years. This is the second 48h general strike against the new government. EPSU affiliate ADEDY and other unions seek to stop further public spending cuts and labour law reforms. If approved it would mean more suffering, more pain for workers, pensioners, unemployed and citizens. We have learned an older trade union member and unemployed has died due to heart failure, possibly caused by tear gas during the demonstrations in Athens. This is the second victim since the beginning of the troika policies and a popular outburst has started. 70.000 people demonstrated in Athens and a further 20.000 in Thessaloniki. A press report stated” The strike grounded flights, shut down public services, closed schools, hospitals and shops and hampered public transport in the capital. Taxi drivers joined in for nine hours, while a three-hour work stoppage by air traffic controllers led to flight cancellations. Islands were left cut off as ferries stayed in ports.” Greece and European authorities have to come to terms with the fact that people has said enough is enough and that austerity is not the answer.