EPSU support the mobilisation in Hungary against the reforms of the labour code

On September 29th EPSU affiliated unions in Hungary together with civil society organisations and a citizens will start an action movement that will end up with a march in protest of the anti-labour policy of the Orban Government on Saturday October 1. We wish this unitarian movement the best of luck and we send a warn solidarity message to the "Trade Union Unity of Action".

The right-wing Government has de-facto abolish social dialogue with the trade unions and has started an all-out attack against workers in general and public sector workers in particular. This is the second protest of this type after the march that took place on September 12 when a human chain was organised.

The new labour code will be a further reduction of workers rights. This will put in danger the right to freely organise themselves in trade unions and instore a fear policy within the workplaces, specially in the public sector where, often, the Government is the employer. The Hungarian Government as the Romanian have decided to declench an all-out attack on the trade union and on workers. EPSU opposes such moves and it will support its local affiliates to preserve on the core principles of Europe: trade union freedoms and liberty.

The demands of the movement are:

1. Fair and equitable taxation, sharing of burdens - against the flat income tax (16%)
2. Termination of retrocative legislation
3. Reinstating of tripartism in the world of work - tripartism was eliminated by law (July 14.)
4. Labour Law to be changed only through and after agreement with the social partners - only elected social partners are invited by the government to be consulted; the concept would make workers work more, for less, under more precarious employment conditions, without the chance for an effective collective interest defense and representation
5. Reinstating of the constitutional protection of the early, preferential and service pensions
6. Changes int he pension system should provide decent transition for workers – new regulations be applied to new entrants to the labor market
7. Model career – in public services / civil service - to be introduced only after agreement with trade unions
8. Reinstating the right to strike
9. Hands off from trade union rights!

The current trend in the European trade union right-wing is not only attack public finances but the institutions the ensure a democratic life in Europe, for instance the trade unions and the free and independent press. It is becoming a need to explore the use of the European Courts of Justice to stop this wave of anti-trade union legislation sweeping across Europe.

Again, today and tomorrow, EPSU will be with you in heart and spirit.