EPSU support the day of action of its Croation health affiliate

Croation T.U. of Nurses and Medical Technicians, HSSMS-MT

(22 November 2012) On behalf of 8 million public service workers in Europe we express our solidarity with the struggle of our colleagues for respect for trade union rights, collective bargaining and social dialogue in Croatia. It is not acceptable that the government unilaterally decided to change the collective agreement and that the government does not engage in proper social dialogue. Proposing a state budget that does not take account of the obligations the government has entered into in relation to jobs and wages and which does not respect the collective agreement is an affront to the many ten thousands of public services workers that do their work in health, education and many other public services with much dedication and conviction to ensure quality services for the people in Croatia. And proposing a budget with large cuts leading to job losses and worsening the quality of public services will have long term consequences for the economic well being of the people and the prospects for growth of the Croatian economy. Further we understand changes are proposed to the law on trade union representativeness which attempt to weaken the workers and their unions. This is not the way forward for the country that is to be the European Union newest member.

We have sent a message of protest to the Croatian government.

Dear Colleagues,

Your actions are part of broader protests of workers, their unions and citizens in Europe. 14 November millions of European workers participated in strikes, demonstrations and other actions across Europe. It is important that our common voice is heard and that we make it visible across Europe. We demand that the European Union agrees to the Social Contract as proposed by ETUC to ensure workers and citizens proper pay and conditions, trade union rights and employment in a democratic Europe.

We wish you a successful day of action.

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