EPSU Solidarity Message and Support for Hungarian Trade Union Movement

Brussels, 26 November 2007 The {{European Federation of Public Service Unions (EPSU)}} is a free and democratic federation of independent trade union organizations for employees in public services in Europe. We speak on behalf of over 209 public sector unions representing approximately 8 million organized workers in more than 36 countries. {{We are convinced that Europe must mean more to citizens than a market. Quality public services are key to meeting citizens' fundamental rights. Universality, continuity, affordability and democratic control are important principles for public services. EU competition must not undermine solidarity.}} On behalf of the {{European Federation of Public Service Unions (EPSU),}} we would like to support the Hungarian trade union movement in their efforts against the risky and poorly prepared reform of the public healthcare system which clearly contradicts the principles of the European Social Model manifested by the European Union. {{We express our solidarity with our Hungarian trade union members and all the people and civil organizations supporting them in their fight for guaranteed equitable access to healthcare for all citizens}}. The reform process initiated by the Hungarian government leaves serious grounds for concerns that while obviously serving to benefit the interests of insurance companies it will put the interests of working people and all other citizens in Hungary at risk. No genuine process of consultations has been engaged, and this fact undermines the principle of industrial and national social dialogue which is a core element of the decent work promoted by the ILO. {{We ask the Hungarian government to start immediately negotiations with the Hungarian trade union confederations - following the principle of social dialogue - about their recommendations on health care reform.}}