EPSU Solidarity greetings to unions on strike and in action in France (electricity) and in Greece (health and social security)

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(7 April 2021) EPSU has sent solidarity greetings to our Greek comrades in the health care union POEDHN of Adedy. It is organising manifestations on 7 April and work stoppages on 22 April. The union demands that COVID-19 is recognized as an occupational disease. It demands better pay and a pay increase for health and social care workers. The union seeks reinforcement of the public health systems with more staff and more resources. It is workers that deliver the right to health and care. Together with the union we are saying NO to profits from the pandemic and demands that vaccines become available free of charge to all.

We also expressed our solidarity with the Pan-Hellenic strike of POSE - IKA and POPOKP, affiliates of Adedy of 6 and 7 April. The unions fight the privatisation of the social security fund. There is a large number of pending cases that are the result of years of neglect and underfunding. This has led to a growing shortage of staff, problems of with the organisation of the work, lack of modernisation of equipment, etc. Privatisation is not a solution to these problems, neither is blaming the staff. The proposed reforms of the pension system can have negative consequences as it introduces risks for the individuals and market-based principles for the management of the pensions.

There needs to be a universal social security system. Investment needs to be done in the infrastructure and in modernising it to deliver the quality service people expect.

The French unions in electricity company EDF are worried about the plans of the government and management called Hercule to reorganize the company. They organise a national strike 8 April.  The unions fear that the future of the company, jobs and the public service mission are threatened by these plans. The plans are not discussed in detail with the unions. Further privatizing the company and introducing even more competition will not deliver on the goals set. A comprehensive evaluation of the effects of liberalization is needed. Enough is enough. EPSU stands with the unions in their actions for a strong public service in energy.

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