EPSU in solidarity action for French Public Service

(21 November, 2007, Brussels) On 20 November a delegation lead by EPSU President and General Secretary, Anne-Marie Perret and Carola Fischbach-Pyttel respectively, delivered a strong message of support for the French Public Service Workers. The message was delivered to the French Ambassador to Belgium.

The action was strongly supported by Belgian Unions, with representatives from CGSP (www.multimania.com), SLFP (www.slfp.be) and CSC (www.ccsp.be) present.

The Belgian Unions also provided a message of solidarity. Please see www.epsu.org/a/3340

The results of the French actions are due to be discussed further at the EPSU Executive Committee on 26-27 November, in Brussels.

  • EPSU General Secretary talks to press at French Solidarity action 20 November
  • EPSU General Secretary talks to Belgian Union reps
  • EPSU President talks to Belgian Union reps
  • Delegation present solidarity statement to French Ambassador 20 November
  • EPSU delegation to French Ambassador Brussels 20 November